Stage/Film/VO Actor

Stage/Film/VO Actor

Stage/Film/VO ActorStage/Film/VO ActorStage/Film/VO Actor

Currently available for auditions and production support!

- Sanford Meisner -

 "Find in yourself those human things which are universal."

About Me

Pursuing my Personal Legend

While the arts and entertainment have always been a part of my life, I am only now putting forth the energy to truly pursue a career in something that brings me joy, acting and film. 

At 41 years old I have decided to take the steps to learn all I can about the film industry and help create things that bring people joy.  

What Can I Do For You?

I act both on stage and screen. I have experience with improv, martial arts and combat, weapons and firearms, as well as countless other talents and skills. I am also available for voice over acting and have a wide range of voices, accents, and creatures to lend to many types of projects. As an avid anime/animation fan I would love to voice some memorable characters.

I am also available for production assistance in whatever form you may need. 

Current Projects

Currently taking classes, learning the industry, and working to get back on set after many years in a holding pattern.

What can we create together?

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Do you have more questions? Are you interested in collaborating on a project? Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.